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My music


Baran , My daughter


Microtonality is the soul of music and microtonalist.

It embraces him like sinking in a deep ocean of  unheards .

Having some microtones in soul to be consonant  , or not to be , with the heaven of muse , He wonders what to do .

He thinks and live microtonally , out of limit of Majority and minority.

He will hear sounds of human antiquity, virgin cultures , birds and wind.

He knows that , his soul is temperd with inner and outer world in such a way to temper sounds to be consonant or not .

And , again , this is the question for him , to be consonant or not to be?

Click here : My dear brother in music , Ozan Yarman ,sent me a poem related to above.


Microtonal music is music using microtonesintervals of less than an equally spaced semitone. Microtonal music can also refer to music which uses intervals not found in the Western system of 12 equal intervals to the octave.Microtonal music may refer to all music which contains intervals smaller than the conventional contemporary Western semitone. The idea here is that the music contains microtones, i.e., very small intervals. By this definition, the following systems are not microtonal: a diatonic scale in any meantone tuning; much Indonesian gamelan music; and Thai, Burmese, and African music which use 7 approximately equally spaced tones in each (approximate) octave.If the term "microtonal" is used to describe music using intervals not found in 12-tone equal temperament, these musics, as well as musics using Just Intonation, are considered microtonal.

Xenharmonic is a term used to describe tuning systems, or music using those systems, which does not conform to or closely approximate the common 12-tone equal temperament. The term was coined by Ivor Darreg, from xenia (Greek ξενία), hospitable, and xenos (Greek ξένος) foreign. He famously stated: "This writer has proposed the term xenharmonic for music, melodies, scales, harmonies, instruments, and tuning-systems which do not sound like the 12-tone-equal temperament.The term is meant include tunings such as 5- and 7-tone equal temperament, which are perhaps excluded under "microtonal" rubric, since their intervals are larger than those of 12-ET.

The term "microtonal" may have also been seen as too restrictive in that it was strongly associated with the quartertone movement, and with composers like Julian Carrillo, who only worked in equal temperaments that were multiples of 12. Darreg was among the first to argue that any equal temperament could be a valid source of musical materials.(From : Microtonality in wikipedia & Xenharmony in wikipedia )

Xentonality means(http://www.nonoctave.com/tuning/glossary.html):

1. The use of unconventional keys and harmony within a musical composition.
2. The correlation of timbres and tunings within a musical composition.

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