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 - Margo schulter is one of the musicians who tries to share her knowledge and pure feelings with others.her knowledge on persian music intervals is admirable and i learn a lot from her.she favoured me and sent her biographical sketch.

She has been composing and improvising since 1967 in styles largely based on traditions of the European medieval, Renaissance, and Manneristic eras (roughly from the 12th through the early 17th centuries).

Since 1998, she has been exploring both historical European tunings and temperaments such as Pythagorean intonation and meantone as well as new tuning systems, a development which has led her also to being influenced by other world musical traditions such as Near Eastern modal schemes and the subtleties of Balinese and Javanese gamelan.

For her music she uses a Yahama TX-802 synthesizer plus two four-octave MIDI keyboards which may support separate tunings for up to 24 notes per octave while keeping the usual pattern of repeating octaves on each keyboard.

She has contributed articles to _1/1_, the journal of the Just Intonation Network, and the Early Music FAQ Site edited by Todd McComb of the Medieval Music and Arts Foundation, <>.

 - About margo by Daniel wolf

 - John Starrett , Assistant Professor of Mathematics NMT , Besides mathematics and physics, his greatest love is music, especially microtonal music. Microtonal music is any music whose tonal resources do not depend on the twelfth root of two. He is  a recovering musician and instrument builder: He has played music and built instruments for most of his life, and made his living at it for many years.

 - A big list of microtonalists by John Starrett

A list of microtonal sites on the web

Donald Bousted is a composer, sound and installation artist, film maker and guitarist. His most recent work focuses on combining elements of all these interests. can see also The microtonal trumpet to find more about 24-EDO , 48-EDO and 19-EDO

 - Daniel Thompson , Microtonal Composer with his Study in Fifteen Tone Equal Temperament for Bells 

 - Aaron Krister Johnson is a multi-keyboardist, teacher and composer. His composition has been described by the Chicago Sun-Times as 'evocative', and his keyboard improvisations have been hailed by Keyboard Magazine as "challenging and creative", and his self-produced CD, Divide by Pi, with percussionist Andy Hasenpflug, won that magazines 'Unsigned Artist of the Month' award for June 2004........... 

 - Microtonal Musics of Jeff Harrington  Jeffrey Harrington was born in 1955 in Forest, Mississippi. His mother and father were amateur musicians who played the popular music of the 40's and 50's for fun. In high school he taught himself blues and boogie-woogie piano and built a synthesizer from parts. He began composing when he was 17 and won a composition contest for a serial composition using an isorhyth m derived from a Billy Cobham song bass line. During that same time, he and his friend Barney.....

 - Monroe Golden is a freelance composer from rural Alabama. His compositions often explore alternate tuning systems and the implications of those systems for other musical structures, and have been broadcast on adventurous radio and performed in concerts throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Critics have called his music "delightfully disorienting" and "lovely, sumptuous, yet arcane."

- Magnus Jonsson

-John Seymour   John Seymour, who goes by the nickname "Chow," grew up in Michigan and went on to receive a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory from the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University (with a minor in Japanese Language and Culture), in Nashville, TN, where he studied with Dr. Michael Kurek and Dr. Michael Rose. A Master of Music degree in Composition is pending from the University of North Texas College of Music, where he studied principally with Dr. Cindy McTee and also with Dr. Joseph Klein and Dr. Damián Keller. He is currently applying around the country to doctoral programs in composition.........Another interest is alternate tuning. His current project in this area is the computer-assisted composition of tonal music in alternative equal tunings, some of which can be heard here, on his "New Media" site.

"We often define tonality by the system of intervals found in our standard tunings. It's remarkable to hear that music that lacks these intervals can be heard tonally at all. Exploring this could shed important light on our musical cognition." Still, Seymour hopes the pieces are entertaining in a less theoretical way as well, as alternately-tuned parodies of known tonal styles like the standard Military March.

-Carlo Serafini : electronic music composer


Persian music



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