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                                                                            What is 96-EDO?


96-EDO is a musical intervallic system based on sixteenth-tone or 12.5 cent. Sixteenth-tone is calculated as the 96th root of 2, or 2 1/96, an irrational proportion with the approximate ratio of 1.0072464122 . It is the size of one degree, and thus the basic "step" size, in the 96-EDO. This system is capable

of giving good representations of Persian music intervals by many tuning theorists. It is also a superset which contains several subset EDOs like :

48  32  24  16  12  8  6


News About Shaahin

2014:  Acceptance of  my tombak improvisation "Bassotom" for MicroFEST NYC 2014 ;by AMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC (AFMM)

2011:  3rd prize,UnTwelve 3nd annual microtonal composition competition                 2011_competition_page

                                                                                                                                  My music:  Three Micromusics for an ant

UnTwelve is proud to present an interview with our 3rd prize winner from the 2011 composition competition, Shaahin Mohajeri.

An award certificate for participating in untwelve annual microtonal competition

signed by untwelve president and vice-president and dedicated to me.


I composed a new music "Three-Micromusics-for-an-ant" for 2011 (3rd annual) UnTwelve composition competition.

I use Scala 2 Kontakt    

Hear my demoes in this page

The Scala 2 Kontakt Microtuner is a small stand-alone Windows app that assembles tuning scripts for Kontakt 2 through 4 from a selection of up to 10 scales per script

Acceptance of  My microtonal music " Barana" for sextet of wind instruments in Microfest 2011 , 30th anniversary concerts

2010:  Finalist,UnTwelve 2nd annual microtonal composition competition                  http://untwelve.org/2010_competition.html

                                                                                                                                  My music:  The battle of Ahuramazda and Ahriman

As a finalist in the Un12 competition, shaahin won a free download of the Mus2 microtonal notation and sequencing software package.


2010 : Winner, AEH and Muto Ethno2 microtonal demos competition